The Rock Paper Scissors Insider

  • Meet The Artisan: Amanda Laird Cherry

    Discover the legacy of Amanda Laird Cherry, a trailblazing South African fashion brand since 1996. From South African Fashion Week to London Fashion Week Expo, ALC has garnered acclaim, including the 2019 Fashion Designer of the Year at the World Fashion Awards. At Rock Paper Scissors, we proudly stock ALC, captivated by their storytelling through thoughtfully crafted fabrics and cuts. Unveil more about ALC's journey and ethos in this exclusive Rock Paper Scissors Insider interview.
  • Meet The Artisan: Sidewalk Scribbles

    Meet to Sidewalk Scribbles – chunky chalk available at Rock Paper Scissors. Discover the vibrant story behind the brand, rooted in the simple joy of a child's pavement doodles that blossomed into a community-building experience. Tersia shares the inspiration, challenges, and ethos behind the brand. Explore the range of washable, eco-conscious chalk that turns pavements into canvases and sparks endless smiles. Sidewalk Scribbles isn't just about drawing; it's an invitation to a world of laughter, play, and outdoor exploration. Let your child's first adventures in coloring and writing unfold with easy grip chunky chalk, turning sidewalks into magical masterpieces. 
  • Slow Fashion: What It Is and Why You Should Care

    In a world where fast fashion dominates mainstream shopping habits, and trends seem to change faster than the seasons, there's a quiet but powerful revolution happening in the world of clothing and style. It's called Slow Fashion, and it's more than just a trend; it's a movement that's changing the way we think about what we wear and how we consume.

  • Meet the Artisan: Barrydale Hand Weavers

    Barrydale Hand Weavers, a South African brand, embraces a unique approach to craftsmanship, focusing on preserving an ancient weaving process while empowering their team. In an insightful interview, they share their brand's history and motivation, drawing inspiration from nature and the undisturbed beauty of the Klein Karoo. The challenges they've faced are met with transparency and open communication, while their designs showcase locally sourced unbleached cotton and a centuries-old weaving technique. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Barrydale Hand Weavers supports local businesses, minimizes environmental impact, and uplifts their community. Explore their story and discover their handwoven cotton products that bring comfort, luxury, and a touch of heritage.
  • Meet the Artisans: Unselfishly Me

    Discover Unselfishly Me, the local brand created by an experienced self-love coach. Explore Jane's beautifully made self-help tools designed to improve happiness, self-worth, and mental health. Learn how she got started, the inspiration behind her designs, challenges she's faced, and plans for the future. Get inspired, set realistic expectations, and explore a range of products at Rock Paper Scissors that promote self-care and inner light. Join the journey of spreading love and empowerment with Unselfishly Me and Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Meet the Artisan: Hook and Pine

    Meet Cait and Vince, the creative duo behind Hook and Pine, a local South African brand based in Kamberg, KZN. With a passion for sustainable craftsmanship, they handcraft beautiful, durable toys that inspire imaginative play. Rock Paper Scissors proudly stocks their range of pine wood toys, supporting their mission to provide children with the opportunity for immersive and purposeful play. Learn about Cait and Vince's journey, from starting Hook & Pine as a side hustle to their commitment to preserving nature and fostering out-of-the-box thinking. Discover their materials, ethical practices, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and their vision for the future. Experience the love, care, and intention behind each Hook and Pine creation.
  • Meet the Artisan: Elm Jewellery

    Delve into the inspiring journey of Elm Jewellery, a brand that sprouted from a young artist's passion for creativity. In this insightful interview, the founder shares the story of how their business began, their design inspirations, challenges faced as a local South African brand, sustainable practices implemented, and the evolution of their jewellery line. From experimenting with bold colors and quirky designs to incorporating nature's beauty, Elm Jewellery offers unique pieces that allow customers to express their personality and feel confident. Explore their favorite collections, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and exciting future projects in this captivating interview.
  • Meet The Artisan: Amaranto

    Discover Amaranto Collection: Conscious, Playful, and Approachable Illustrated Posters for Children. Learn how two sisters, Martina and Valentina, came together to create meaningful art for kids' rooms. Find out about their inspiration, challenges, btc stories, and future plans. Explore their inclusive and thought-provoking posters that promote diversity, equality, and self-awareness. Shop Amaranto Collection's unique creations at Rock Paper Scissors and spark meaningful conversations with your children.
  • Meet The Artisan: Ben Ben

    Discover the enchanting world of Ben Ben Studio! This husband and wife brand creates child-friendly, sustainable products that inspire creativity and imagination. From beautiful clocks to playful night lights, their designs are crafted with love and built to last. In an exclusive interview with Rock Paper Scissors, Celeste shares the story behind Ben Ben, their inspirations, challenges as a local South African brand, and their commitment to sustainability. Explore their range of cheerful homeware at our shop or shop online. Experience the joy and quality of Ben Ben's creations that will bring a special touch to your child's room.
  • Meet the Artisan: Casper Schutte

    Discover Spook Design Co.: An interview with Casper Schutte, the creative force behind the bold ZA brand. His vibrant Risograph Prints at Rock Paper Scissors reflect his bold style. Get a glimpse into his design process, what he's been working on, and his vision for the future.
  • Meet the Artisan: Feat

    Discover how Feat, a designer-led brand based in Cape Town, is making their way in the local design scene. From a humble sock business in 2012, Feat has grown to include stationery, memory games, and other unique products inspired by South Africa's natural beauty. In this interview, we delve into thier creative process, how they've overcome challenges in local production to create eco-friendly products that celebrate nature.
  • Dancing to the Same Tunes in Different Rooms

    We've got a gift for you! We've created a playlist of our in-store jams so you can tune in to a Rock Paper Scissors mood wherever you are. Try it as a soundtrack while you shop our online store.