Meet the Artisan: Casper Schutte

Casper Schutte, the creative behind Spook Design Co., is an award winning independent designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He specialises in design, branding and illustration. Stepping in to Rock Paper Scissors, you can't miss his striking Risograph Prints. We love his graphic, punchy style. We conducted a little interview with him wanting to find out more about his brand and the inspiration behind it. 

 Casper Schutte and Doggo 

Image Via Carla Schutte, Instagram, carlaschutte_


Can you tell us a little about the history of your brand? How did it get started, and what motivated you to create it?

I started my design studio in January 2020, after working as a designer since 2016. One of my missions is to do personal projects alongside my day to day design work. So I make prints and toys and pins etc. Just to keep the creative juices flowing and to not get too bogged down with the design process. These projects are a nice escape.

What inspires your brand and your designs? Are there any particular influences or themes that you draw upon in your work?

I get inspiration from nearly anywhere, and my aesthetic changes like the wind. But, I’ve always been a fan of kitschiness in all its forms, so I think that is the one thread that runs through my work. Because I have no plan or expectations of making a living with the prints and other tchotchkes I make, it gives me freedom to explore various styles and influences, whether it be obscure films, comic books, or weird photos from coffee-table books. 

 Colab Puzzle, Rock Paper Scissors x Spook Design Co.

Image Via Rock Paper Scissors, Instagram, rockpaperscissors_shop

Can you tell us about some of the materials and techniques you use in your designs? How do you choose the materials you work with?

I am a digital illustrator, so any project I work on starts on my trusty Wacom tablet. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a piece of paper to draw on, or a piece of clay to sculpt with. But of course digital art has its limitations, it can feel cold and impersonal. So for my printed work I have an incredible risograph printer in Cape Town called Dream Press, they are incredible to work with and their printing always take my illustrations up a notch.  Risoprinting gives digital illustration an incredible tactile texture that is nearly impossible to recreate on a screen, it elevates digital work.

Dream Press

Image Via Dream Press, Instagram, dream_press_sa

What are some of the challenges you've faced as a local South African brand, and how have you overcome them?

As I mentioned before I’m lucky to be making these products on the side of my usual day-to-day job. I don’t have to make a living from selling them, so my answer might be quite different if that were the case. But I think the South African creative landscape is one of the most vibrant in the world, it’s hard to find a place on earth that I would rather be working from. So any challenge I might face while working here is easily overshadowed by the wealth of opportunities we have.

What do you hope customers will experience or feel when they interact with your brand and products?

When I see a print, or design product that I love there is this overwhelming need to own it. It’s an itch like nothing else, I want the niche group of people that would be interested in my work to feel that need to have a piece of mine. It’s a massive compliment when someone buys a piece, it means that they can envision my work up on their walls, adding to the beauty of their personal spaces.

How do you see your brand evolving in the future? Are there any new projects or collaborations in the works?

I’ve recently gotten into toy-making, slowly figuring out 3D modelling, printing, casting and moulding. But there is also the folders and folders of illustrations, posters and ideas that still need to see the life of day. So I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing currently, it sparks joy.

 Spook Designer Toys

Image Via Spook Design Co, Instagram, spookdesignco

What advice would you give to other local South African brands looking to succeed in the industry? OR What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own brand or business?

No one really knows what they’re doing. We’re all running around, trying our best. So if you have an idea, a skill or see a niche you can fill. Do it, just get going. You’ll figure it out.

Finally, Can you share with us some of your favorite products or collections that you have created, and why they are special to you?

I love everything I’ve made equally, even the bad ones. Because I learnt something from them. I use my products as an opportunity to upskill, so whether it’s my risoposters that were crafted with care, or my messy first attempt at silk screening t-shirts. All of these products and designs taught me something.

Rock Paper Scissors is so proud to be stocking a selection of Casper's Risograph Prints, as well as a cute limited edition puzzle we collaborated with him on. Hit the links to shop, or come and see them IRL in the shop!


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