Chunky beaded choker
Chunky charm choker
Chunky choker, trinket detail
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Rem Choker | Beaded Necklace

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Super loaded chunky choker - inspired by the Anime, Deathnote.

A one of a kind stainless steel chain choker packed with glass beads, crystals, charms and trinkets.

The character, Rem, is a major antagonist from the Death Note manga/anime series. She is a Shinigami that protects and aids Misa Amane, the protagonist.

Length: 410mm



Chunk is a Johannesburg based jewellery designer who has mastered the balance between elegance and fun. Chunk's choice of materials is characteristically an eclectic array of gemstones, irregular pearls, glass beads, kitch trinkets, and antique pendants. Each piece is unique, often using one of a kind vintage finds and hand made charms. A modern, bold, playful style.