Conscious Poster, "Hey Sis"
A3 Landscape Conscious Poster, "Hey Sis"
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Hey Sis (Pink) | Conscious Poster

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Sisters are different flowers from the same garden”. Sisterhood is a bond that goes beyond being family. It connects women to each other and in its most magical manifestations, it allows each woman in the sisterhood to thrive in ways she could never do on her own. Sisterhood provides a safe space for your truest self to emerge. It is a place where your tears are caught not judged, where you are held not ridiculed, and where it’s okay to not be okay. Women are breaking barriers everyday in an effort to move forward as a collective, and the power of women getting together is immeasurable. Let’s raise our daughters to know they can rely on each other, support each other and be stronger together. Because raising children who respect and support each other means creating a future generation of conscious and mindful adults.

Size: A3 (297 x 420mm) 

Artist: illustrated by Cristy Zinn for Amaranto Collection.

Technique: digital brush.

Paper: printed on off-white textured Pastel 160gsm paper.